Zoho: Submitting a Ticket

Zoho: Submitting a Ticket


Submitting a Ticket

Purpose: Outlining the steps for Academy Learners/Service Providers/County Admins submitting support tickets through the Academy for Professional Excellence Help Center (powered by Zoho). These support tickets are for any service needs and product (CACWT, Access Planit, Zoho, Qualtrics, IES,SumTotal)

  1. Open up the Academy for Professional Excellence Help Center

  2. Click on Submit a Ticket, located in the top banner

3. Choose which product you would like to submit a support ticket for

4. Fill out the form
    1. Be sure to include as many details as possible

    2. As you are filling out the form, Related Articles will auto populate on the right side of the page that may help answer your question

5. Attach any screenies or documents at the bottom of the ticket

6. Click Submit

7. You will receive an email saying that your ticket was received by the Help Center. 
8. You will receive an additional email once your ticket has been responded to with the response. 
9. If a response is needed from you:
      1. You can reply to the email directly

      2. Or if you made an account on Zoho, you can reply through the system in the My Area section

10. If no response is needed from you, the ticket recipient may close the ticket immediately after they respond. 

11. You will get an email notification once your ticket has been closed. 

12. To reopen any ticket, you can reply to the email.

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