IES: Service Providers Information Document

IES: Service Providers Information Document


Service Provider Information Document

Who is IES (Innovative Employee Solutions)?

IES has partnered with San Diego State University Research Foundation and the Academy for Professional Excellence as the legal employer for Academy Service Providers, providing payroll support and HR assistance.  Please contact the IES representative below with any questions regarding onboarding, timesheet submission, and payroll.

IES main point of contact

Melissa Lanza, IES Account Manager

Direct (858) 715-5100 (x141)

IES Onboarding Process

After completion of onboarding with the Academy Program, you will receive an email from IES with instructions to follow to start your onboarding process.  Once your onboarding process is completed, IES will send you a confirmation email with the hire date.  The onboarding process MUST be completed prior to the completion of any services.  If you have any questions regarding the IES onboarding process, please contact IES Account Manager, Melissa Lanza, at the contact information above.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training / Certification (Biannually)

In order to meet the California state-mandated training requirements for employees, you MUST complete the 1-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training (SHPT) from IES within 30 days of your hire date OR email a copy of your SHPT completion certificate from your current employer that verifies compliance within the last two years to IES Account Manager, Melissa LanzaIf your services will be provided outside of CA, CT, DE, IL, ME, NY, WA, you may opt out of SHP training.

Timesheet Submission/Timesheet Rejection/Payment Timeline

  • Log into the IES WebTime portal to input hours (link to IES YouTube video How to submit timesheets)

    • Questions regarding how to log into the IES WebTime or how to enter hours should be directed to IES Account Manager, Melissa Lanza.

    • Questions regarding what hours to log should be directed to the Academy Program Contact

    • Work hours cannot be entered in WebTime after 45 days of the service date

      • Example: training date was 6/1, but tried submitting a timesheet after 7/16

  • Timesheet entries should have the following:

    • List of actual hours on days worked

    • List in the Comments section what the service hours are for.  See examples below:

      • For Training Prep time: “Prep Work for (Training Title) scheduled on (date)” 

      • For Actual Training Day: “(Training Title) on (date)”

      • For Curriculum Development: “Curriculum Development on (subject)”

  • By Sunday submit all hours worked that week, then payment will be made on the following Friday.  

  • Late submissions or timesheets submitted with the following discrepancies may result in payment delays:

    • Submitted with hours logged prior to the service date 

      • Example: submitted on 9/1 when the training date is 9/5

    • Training hours entered do not match the training calendar/flyer

    • Comments section is not entered or entered incorrectly 

    • Lunch break is not taken/entered if worked more than 5 hours in one day

      • California law requires a minimum 30-minute lunch break when working over 5 consecutive hours

    • Worked more than 8 hours in one day or more than 40 hours in a week without prior approval

    • Hours logged exceed scope of services approved number of hours

    • Hours logged on an incorrect tab (i.e. curriculum developer vs virtual trainer OR virtual vs in-person tab)

    • Hours logged using an incorrect pay type

      • “Training” pay type should only be used for the 1-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 

      • “Regular” pay type should always be used for your regular work hours (i.e. training prep, providing training day, developing curriculum development, etc)

Sick Time

IES employees employed for more than 90 days may accrue 1 hour of sick time for every 30 hours worked

  • Authorized reasons for logging sick time

    • Contacted Academy Program prior to training stating that they are sick

    • IES approved uses for sick time are as follows:

      • Self or family member (employee’s parent, child, spouse, registered domestic partner, grandparent, grandchild, and sibling) for preventive care (ie annual physicals or flu shots) or diagnosis, care or treatment of an existing health condition, or for specified purposes if you are a victim of domestic violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Employment Deactivation & Rehiring Process

IES employees who have not provided services over 9 months will be “deactivated” due to the IES employment policy.  The rehiring process will require you to submit updated documents to IES, and the rehiring process MUST be completed prior to the completion of any services.

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