County CACWT Admin | CACWT County Enrollment Guide

County CACWT Admin | CACWT County Enrollment Guide


This guide will describe the different ways that county CACWT admins can enroll learners into upcoming CWDS deliveries.

Important Links

Academy Help Center Portal - County Admin Support (Submit a ticket, view knowledge base articles)

CACWT Ticketing - Learner Support

Enrollment CACWT Process Overview

  1. Academy Training Coordinator sends a flyer for the course offering (5-7 weeks ahead). Once the flyer has been sent, counties can begin to enroll their learners in CACWT. The email with the flyer will contain the unique identifiers needed to locate the delivery in CACWT. 

  2. County enrolls staff into section up until the day before training

    1. Counties can choose to enroll staff via three options:

      1. Through the import option in CACWT 

      2. Through using the Bulk Enroll feature

      3. Through the learner profiles individually 

    2. Counties will need to create new accounts for staff that are not yet in CACWT before the enrollment process.

    3. Counties enroll staff at the deadline listed on the flyer approximately two weeks before delivery date.  

      1. If less than 10 participants are enrolled at the deadline, the Academy Training Coordinator will send out an email alerting the need to re-advertise the training delivery.  

      2. Counties can continue to enroll learners into the delivery up to the day before the delivery.  

    4. Counties and Academy staff will be emailed an enrollment report 1 week prior to the delivery to determine if there are at least 10 participants enrolled into the delivery to be conducted. 

      1. If the enrollment report indicates that there are less than 10 participants enrolled into the delivery, the delivery will be canceled at that time.

  3. County admins can direct their learners to the CACWT Ticketing site for any technical assistance. If County Admins need support from the Academy LMS team, they can visit the Academy Help Center Portal to submit a ticket or view knowledge base articles.

Import CSV Enrollment Process

You can import learner’s enrollments through the Import CSV option in CACWT. These are helpful for any classes that are not a part of a series (for example, Common Core). For a series, refer to the Bulk Enroll or Individual Learner Enrollment process.

  1. To begin, download a CSV copy of the CWDS - County CACWT Admin Enrollment Template . This template will allow you to enter in learners’ usernames and information for the delivery, to upload all at once. There is an example of what this looks like with filled in data on the template. Below is an explanation of each of the columns required in the CSV and how to fill them out:

    1. Username - Enter the email address for the learner (or Employee ID if from Los Angeles County)

    2. Course - Enter the name of the Section in CACWT. This will be the same for all learners, and can be found by navigating to Sections in CACWT and typing in the Section ID into the ID column:

      1. Once you have found the section, copy the Section Name and paste it into the Course column on your template

    3. Status - Enter Active for each row

    4. StartDate - Enter in the first day of the delivery

    5. EndDate -  Enter in the last day of the delivery

  1. Once the CSV file is ready, save the file, login to CACWT and navigate to the Enrollments/Import CSV area on the left panel

    1. Click the Browse button and select the CSV file on your computer that you want to upload (see screenie A)

    2. Select Upload and you will receive a message that your upload has been successful (see screenie B)

    3. You will also receive an email shortly after with a log that details the status of your enrollments (see screenie C for an example). If you receive an error message, please reach out to the Academy LMS Team via the Academy Help Center Portal for assistance.

Bulk Enroll Process (Individual; course and learning path)

You can enroll learners in bulk by selecting multiple learners through the Bulk Actions option in the Learners area of CACWT. This process is helpful when the import CSV option is not available (when enrolling into Common Core or another series for example) or if you prefer enrolling through the interface.

  1. Navigate to Learners area of CACWT

    1. Select Bulk Actions (see section A on the screenie below)

    2. Search for your county under the Affiliation filter

    3. Select Get Data (see section C on the screenie below)

    4. Once all the learners are displayed for your county, use the find feature in your browser (CTRL F), search for each of the learner’s email address (or employee ID if with LA County) that will be enrolled and then check the box next to their name (see screenie D below)

    5. Once all of the learners are selected, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Bulk Enroll option if you are enrolling into a single class, or Bulk Learning Path if enrolling staff into a series of courses (such as lineworker core or supervisor core) (see screenie E below)

    6. Search for the course or learning path you would like to enroll these staff into (using the enrollment sheet as your guide) and select the course with CWDS in the name (see screenie F below)

      1. For courses, select the section as well (see screenie G below)

    7. Enter the Start Date for the learners

      1. For Learning Paths, an End Date is also required. This should match the last date of the series

    8. Ensure the date is correct for the date of the class, select the class and then click Enroll

Individual Learner Enrollment Process

You can enroll learners individually through their learner profile, by choosing the Enroll Into Section option. This process is helpful when enrolling a learner into a make-up class or anytime a single change is needed, but not recommended for multiple enrollments.

  1. Navigate to the Learners area in CACWT

    1. Click on the Learners header to expand it

    2. Select Learners and search for the learner you would like to enroll, using their name or email address and select their name (see screenie B below)

    3. You’ll be directed to the learner information page, select Enroll Into Section or Enroll in Learning Path on the left panel (see screenie C below)

    4. Click on the Course or Learning Path dropdown and select the course you would like to enroll staff into, making sure the course name has CWDS in the name (see screenie D below)

    5. Once the course is selected, choose the class or series you would like to enroll staff into and select that class from the drop down. Once the class is selected, select Enroll. (see screenie E below)

    6. To confirm the learner’s enrollment, click on Active Enrollments on the learner’s page and confirm the course or courses from the learning path are showing there.

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